Echo Conference Notes for John Saddington

You can find a downloadable version here.

John Saddington leads teams that explore the art of digital publishing and the science of human capital. He likes blogging, really likes video games, and loves@mrsbear@roenne, and @arden.

Echo Conference | Session 2 | John Saddington

Allow certain people in a limited context to do great work that change their story and echo biblical truths

Allow Certain People

                It’s about finding the right people

The team is a leader’s greatest asset

It’s not what, it’s who

Choose wisely who is on your team

In a Limited Context

Spending countless hours in an endeavor that may never render results, is that what you want?

Same paradigms, same visions in a radically different reality

To Do Great Work

Self explanatory

That Change Their Story

What is the cost of your role?

Take seriously what you are asking someone to do before they do it.

And Echo Biblical Truths

Not everything you do in ministry is completely evangelical

Great teams matter

Remember me, o my God, for good.