Echo Conference Notes for Barton Damer

You can access a downloadable version of these notes here.

Barton is a motion designer and digital artist who creates under his studio brand, Already Been Chewed LLC. For over 12 years, he has designed for a variety of mediums including print, web, live productions and broadcast television. His digital illustrations are influenced heavily by his motion work. In 2009, Barton was awarded Digital Artist of the Year by Computer Arts Magazine, Intel, and 3d World Magazine. Check out more of his work at

Echo Conference | Session 5 | Barton Damer

Motion design reel – editing clips from favorite projects, think portfolio via video

The Creative Process – Organized chaos

Problem: Art is subjective

You could pour your heart/soul into a project, and they don’t feel the same

Your pastor is your client

Focus on solutions rather than art

You have to understand the problem in order to find a good solution

What problems could there possibly be?

Design with Purpose: Gives reasons for why you did certain things

When you can explain yourself, it’s no longer a pretty image; it’s now them going against your solution

Everyone walks away trying to find the right solution

Motion Design Process

Design and receive approval first.

Animate AFTER receiving approval on the designs.

No moving backwards (without a cost)

You MUST communicate time constraints

You can’t just assume they’re horrible people that are torturing you

Just creating what you think works is the way to set yourself up for a lot of heartache and headache

Barton’s Discoveries

My creative agenda is not always the right solution

Look for ways to find solutions, not just be an artist

The right solution is not always the most creative and/or difficult to produce

Clients want/need options

The wrong solution does not mean poor quality work

It’s possible to be proud of something that is not your best work

Design is part of the solution; it should not be part of the problem.