Echo 2013 – Breakout Session 1

Song Leader or Worship Shepherd?

Jon Abel

Worship shepherd is MUCH different than song leader
His church deserves people who are invested in his will

The way he has built the church is by gifts given to them who invest in others
If you’re a leader in your church, God has called you to shepherd
1. The first person you need to lead is yourself
     Christ is the model
     Shows us what self leadership is all about
     We are not rockstars, we are servants
     It’s more about evangelism, less about singing songs
     You have to start with yourself
     You have to take care of things that only you can take care of first
     Intimacy between you and Christ is your lifeblood
     When we get over ourselves and realize we’re broken… The freedom from that is a blessing to your ministry
2. If we’re abiding in Christ, all the nervous material things go away
     Know that your gift can only bring glory to God
     Get your people’s gifts stirring in their heart to help glorify Christ
3. How do you feed the sheep as worship leaders?
     How serious do you take the time you minister to your worship team?
     24-28 hours per year that you get to lead worship
     Be responsible with the songs you choose
     Doxology and Theology – book
     Instrument in 1 hand, Bible in the other
     Be in the Word, know the Word
     Be saturated
     Come up with creative ways to share scripture in your worship environments
     Encourage them by the word of God to experience time with God
Abide in Christ, seek Him first
Magnify Jesus Christ
YOU are not the focus, it’s not a concert, we’re part of the choir
Shepherd your congregation
Have an outline, not a script
Makes it fresh every time
Take the pressure off of performing perfectly
If it’s not real in your heart, it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else
Lead out of your intimacy with Christ
Put your worship team in your community/small group
Disciple your team
Personal relationships matter
Connect people who naturally do life together
Geographical more than interest-focused