Echo Conference Notes for Roundtable Discussions with Brad Zimmerman

You can access a downloadable version of these notes here.

Brad Zimmerman is the host of, A resource website and internet tv show with tutorials, inspiration and free content for people working with media in the local church. You may also recognize Brad from‘s Church Media News and the ProPresenter 5 video tutorials. Brad has an incredible wife, a beautiful daughter, enjoys collecting bobbleheads and is the creative communications director at a church in Grand Haven, Michigan.

*Please note* These notes are from a roundtable discussion entitled “Media on a Budget”, so look to this as more of a list of resources than a normal presentation style.

Echo Conference | Roundtables | Brad Zimmerman | Church Media on a Budget

Subscription vs. Purchase-per-need

Purchase per need seems to be more popular,

FirstCom – most expensive subscription service for music ($1400-1500/year) – quality not quite the same as more expensive

Envato – Good stuff

IVAudio – Good, high quality

Graceway & Igniter partners

NewLife Church –

DSLR – Cannon, don’t deal with audio very well, super cheap though

Panasonic AF100 $5-8k

BlackMagic Cinema camera $3-5k

Streaming in HD is stupid; no one has the bandwidth for that

Coraplast for screens – sermon audio files, video available as well

Wowza – $20/mo – more technical knowledge required

CDN Builder $50/mo

Same as ustream, but the professional service

Premiere vs. Final Cut

Premiere is better especially for churches


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