Echo Conference Notes for Joshua Blankenship

You can access a downloadable version here.

Joshua Blankenship is a designer who serves as the Design Director at NewSpring Church in South Carolina.

Echo Conference | Session 3 | Joshua Blankenship

Why do we do what we do?

Mission is a mindset

                “Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” Euripedes

KNOW THEN ADORN, not the other way around

The tactics are NOT the mission

Sit in a lot of ministry meetings to listen, then articulate what they’re trying to say

If you don’t say no, you’ll waste the church’s time


Design is every decision made about a product or service

  1. An essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle or object
  2. A basic structure

Skin is not bones

If a guest can’t find your bathroom, you’ve failed as a designer.

Act I – Define the win

What’s the takeaway?

That’s the mission

If you can’t make decisions, you can’t design.

Case study: NewSpring Church Brand

Steward the brand well

“NewSpring is a church where change takes place” – Vision

“Reach 100,000 people in South Carolina with the Gospel” –Mission

Mission is what you want to the future to look like, vision is how you’re going to do it

Does a project reach the mission?

It’s a design tool.

Practical trumps pretty.

You can succeed as a decorator, but fail as a designer

Mission statement specifically for website (i.e. teach people about Jesus)

Value people over pixels

Discipline is the vehicle

Discipline isn’t easy; it’s simple – Lee McDermott

Talk doesn’t cook rice – Chinese proverb

Act II – Build the bench

You need the right people

If you get the best people, you win. If you don’t, it becomes significantly more difficult. – Todd Park

Every person is responsible for 1 volunteer that they pour into

Our job is to get other people involved in the Kingdom

People make missions work

The product can always change – Facebook Design

Dig deep moats

Hire slow, fire fast

“This is the mission that we’re on, how do you feel about that?” ß Ask this question when making hiring decisions.

If they can’t carry out the mission, they’re a bad hire.

Mercenaries are not missionaries.

Be really aware of who you partner with.

If you’re just there for a paycheck, you’re taking someone’s seat who wants more than that.

Monetary =/= missional. Perks will go away

Mission work needs teamwork

Renaissance men are a myth

Heroes are villians

Act III – Defend the Gates

The things that matter most must never be at the mercy of what matters least

Priorities, people & politics are big factors of your job. If you don’t like them, find something else

Missionaries are murders. They can kill an idea for the right reasons

Act IV – Cultivating the Garden

You’ve been given something to cultivate, don’t screw it up.

If you think the grass is greener, think different: it’s just different grass.

Pray for a mission you want to invest in, if you’re not passionate about your current mission

Life’s too short for you to not do what you’re passionate about.


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