Contemporary Worship

It’s been one of my greatest dreams that the Church would find a way to make the way we worship the most creative possible. Sure, there’s singing a few new Christian songs, maybe moving when we read the scripture, but what does it mean to be contemporary?

When we think of what it means to be contemporary, it’s imperative that we recognize and applaud the liturgical service. These were the pioneers in Contemporary worship, and without them, we wouldn’t be as progressive as we are now. We must recognize the flaws and beauties in both services, or we’ll never know how to progress.

Liturgical services by nature require a rigid formulaic strategy. If you’re like me, routines kinda bug me, and it’s not because I’m ADD or anything, it’s just I think switching it up a bit every now and then wouldn’t hurt. If I were an extremist contemp, I’d think that the liturgical service NEVER changes and it’s ridiculous to come to church every week if you know exactly what you’re going to do, however, I believe that the way lits can combat this belief is matins! Lits, use your matins! You switch things up every 6-ish months, you change a hymn every once in a while! 😉

It’s not about singing hymns, and I think most contemps(contemporary followers) get this crazy mindset that it’s all about the organ with the lits(liturgical followers), and that the louder the organ, the better the service, and the problem with this mindset lies in that there are a few contemps that don’t think this is a problem, and use this strategy with the typical worship band and then the lits just assume that the contemps are typical teenagers who want to “put the speakers on 11 and shake their bodies left and right”(Nerdy Kelly Clarkson reference…. ignore me!) However, it’s not about how loud you can get.

Those are just a couple of differences in the contemporary v. liturgical debate that I’m sure has been around for ages, and extends far beyond the guitar v. organ debate.

Something I’d like to touch on, and something I believe is one of the most important in contemporary worship, is creative means of worshiping. We are not all made equally, and everyone has different means of learning, of believing, and of thinking, so why isn’t the Church doing more to stimulate a larger audience? There are so many different ways to worship God, and I think so often we get caught up in the belief that you have to sing, and you have to give an offering of monetary value, and you have to give a 15 minute sermon. What if worshiping isn’t about that? Would God be angry if we praised him a little differently? I highly doubt that, and therefore, I challenge the Church, let’s find the craziest, most insane ways to worship God, because God loves the creative soul, and we’re capable of so much more than sitting in the pew and going through the motions every Sunday. Give everything to God, even your creativity, and He will bless you bountifully!


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